Ameriprise Financial introduces Visa credit cards

 Ameriprise Financial has introduced new reward-oriented Visa Signature and Premier Visa Signature credit cards to its customers throughout the US.

The rewards program of the new cards offers cashback rates that can reach 1.875 percent. Additionally, the cards include alternatives for lifestyle, travel and redemption at the retail store.

Ameriprise Premier Visa Signature cardholders can receive 1.5 reward points for every dollar spent on approved transactions. In addition this Visa Signature credit card provides one point.

The cards are not able to be redeemed for points cap, or a pre-set spending limits, travel credit and enrolment rewards. Ameriprise developed the credit cards to facilitate contactless transactions.

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Additionally, customers are able to card your Ameriprise accounts to check their the balance of their credit cards.

Ameriprise Bank FSB president Abu Arif stated: "We designed the new Ameriprise Visa Signature credit cards with our customers in their minds. They have faith in Ameriprise along with our experts in financial services to assist them to make the most of their assets and manage their financial life from beginning to the very end.

"With the Ameriprise Visa Signature cards, clients can work with their advisors to simplify their cashflow and maximise their rewards to support their financial goals."

Ameriprise Bank FSB will provide credit cards. Elan Financial Services will credit and issue the cards in accordance with a licence issued by Visa USA.

Ameriprise Financial's portfolio also includes ONE Financial Account Visa Debit card.

This debit card believed to have chips that generate codes for purchases made at a chip activated terminal. This is a strategy to lessen fraud at the store.


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